Help your revenue teams master & activate the
key knowledge

Improve the productivity and performance of your teams with gamified training programs and integrations with your favorite tools.

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They are boosting their sales performance with Cockpit

Without skills, no performance!

Are your salespeople struggling to master key knowledge? This is normal. They have no way to practice or self-assess and rarely get a concrete answer when they need it.


of the knowledge acquired is forgotten in the 24 hours following a traditional training course.


of salespeople are unable to find the resources they need.


is the average time spent per day looking for an answer to a question.

Arm your sales team and boost your growth

Onboarding times cut in half

+30% conversion rate

Average cart increased by 20%

20% faster sales cycle

Stimulate knowledge with customized training programs

Make your teams unbeatable and more successful by helping them better master key knowledge.

Create your programs in a few minutes with AI

Assign your teams via Cockpit or your internal tools

Notify and remind your teams at any time

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Amplify engagement and learning by gamifying training

Combine business with fun with a powerful and intuitive gamification system!

Challenges between colleagues

Rewards to win

Real-time leaderboard

Measure results and help your teams progress

Have a real time view on the skill level of your teams and set up adapted corrective actions.

Get detailed reports on the activity and evolution of your teams

Discover the skills that your employees are struggling with

Make data-driven decisions

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How revenue teams use Cockpit

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Sales Team

Boost the performance of your sales teams

Identify best practices, accelerate the skills development of your sales teams and boost your performance tenfold. Results guaranteed!

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Customer Success Team

Become kings of customer service

Take your customer service to the next level with call replay and customized training programs.

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Marketing Team

Become truly connected to the field

Give your marketing teams a real/objective view of market reality, enabling them to quickly adapt their strategies and optimize ROI/performance.


Everything you need to help your teams perform

Features designed to make life easier for you and your teams.

Generate programs with AI in just a few clicks

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Identify your teams' shortcomings at a glance

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Create challenges between employees

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Ongoing collaboration and feedback

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Integration with your tools in the flow of work

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Advanced measurement and reporting tools

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Privacy and security of your data

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Connect all your favorite tools

Take advantage of Cockpit directly in your business tools: calls, visio or CRM. Easy to install. Easy to use.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to set up Cockpit?

Cockpit can be installed relatively quickly, and TrainX can be deployed for some of our customers within 48 hours, thanks to automatic quiz generation. RecordX is also quick to set up. Integration with your CRM and other tools takes just a few minutes.

How are TrainX and RecordX different?

Both products are highly complementary. TrainX focuses on the 'theoretical' part by training your teams in mastering key knowledge and providing a detailed analytical view of their level. RecordX deals with the 'practical' part by recording and analyzing all your customer interactions. This allows your teams to quickly and effectively improve their skills, particularly by absorbing the best practices observed in the field. With Cockpit, you are providing your teams with the best solution to continually enhance their performance.

Is it possible to dissociate TrainX and RecordX?

Yes. Although it is strongly recommended to associate both products for performance purposes, it is possible to dissociate them.

What is the cost of the solution?

The cost depends on various factors (number of users, commitment, products used, etc.). Our teams will be happy to give you a demo of our solution and answer your questions.

How do you automatically generate quizzes on TrainX?

Cockpit is connected to GPT-4 for both TrainX and RecordX. In this way, we have designed several features to offer a valuable time-saving experience to our users. We rely on your content (Notion, Google Doc, PDF, Confluence, Help center...) made available to automatically generate your first 200 quizzes."

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