The all-in-one platform dedicated to sales efficiency

Analyze all your customer interactions, upskill your teams faster, and improve your conversion rates by 30%.

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They are boosting their sales performance with Cockpit

Elevate your team's performance and multiply your revenues

Onboarding times cut in half

+30% conversion rate

Average cart increased by 20%

20% faster sales cycle


Analyze your customer interactions and multiply your sales efficiency

Identify best practices, create a true coaching culture, and help your sales representatives draw inspiration from the best.

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Stimulate knowledge with custom-made training

Forget about traditional, non-personalized, and non-engaging training. Train your teams in their core areas 100% integrated and continuously analyze their mastery level.


How revenue teams use Cockpit

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Sales Team

Boost the performance of your sales teams

Identify best practices, accelerate the skills development of your sales teams and boost your performance tenfold. Results guaranteed!

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Customer Success Team

Become kings of customer service

Take your customer service to the next level with call replay and customized training programs.

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Marketing Team

Become truly connected to the field

Give your marketing teams a real/objective view of market reality, enabling them to quickly adapt their strategies and optimize ROI/performance.


Connect all your favorite tools

Take advantage of Cockpit directly in your business tools: calls, visio or CRM. Easy to install. Easy to use.

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Unleash the potential of your sales representatives

Conversational intelligence at the service of your growth.

Accelerate new hires onboarding

Help your new sales representatives draw inspiration from the best elements and practices right from their arrival.

Provide continuous progression

Simplify the tracking of progress and areas for improvement, enabling you to act quickly to enhance performance.

Increase your sales sustainably

Enhance the overall efficiency of your sales team, improving customer satisfaction and reinforcing operational excellence.

Ready to take off your sales performance?

Deploy your Sales Academy in 3 clicks and take your teams to another level.